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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) must be at the core of your digital marketing campaign. Ensuring your website meets search engine guidelines and that it ranks well for relevant search queries, will deliver long term free traffic to your website. Your online visibility will raise brand awareness, and boost sales of your products or services.

We start every SEO project by analysing your business and determining what success would look like to you. With your website’s business goals clarified - we then proceed to create a custom SEO campaign focused on achieving these goals.

Starter - Create a 12 month SEO plan targeting 12 specific keywords and phrases

Intermediate – PPC Campaigns. From agreeing the business outcomes you need, ensuring that keyword phrases are competitive and that landing pages are focused on the essentials being promoted. In addition, we will create a 12 month SEO plan targeting a further 12 specific keywords and phrases, including a link building strategy.

If you want to grow your online brand and build business authority using SEO, contact us here.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most high return activities for your digital marketing campaign. By researching your market’s keyword demand, you will learn which terms your audience is searching for, and phrases to target with the SEO strategy.

With keyword research you can predict the shifts in user demand and respond to changing market conditions in real time. We'll identify the valuable search terms and phrases your competitors and potential customers are using. Contact us here.

Social Media

In the ever-increasing world of social media, choosing the right one for your brand voice is essential to engage with demanding audiences throughout the world. Social media platforms let you directly engage with your customers and prospective customers alike, share content, get involved in conversations, build trust in your brand and reach more people.

Having a creative and consistent online presence is vital for this day and age. We will develop your social media strategy with the latest innovations in mind in a co-production mentality. Our target-driven social media campaigns deliver impact and will work towards your business goals.

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