Best Wishes For 2018

by Allana Grant

3 months ago

Best wishes for 2018

The DNDP family would like to wish you, our loyal customers, suppliers, colleagues and friends, a very happy new year. May your 2018 be filled with health, happiness, success and prosperity.

One new year resolution which we definitely intend to keep!

The freedom to work in a flexible way can improve a disabled person’s day-to-day life immeasurably: combatting depression, building confidence, and promoting self-worth. That is why our new year’s resolution for 2018 is to work to create even more sustainable job opportunities for the thousands of people who still find themselves excluded from the labour market through no fault of their own. We want to reach out to them and help them harness their capabilities in order that they can realise their potential in the world of business. With the appropriate support mechanisms in place, there is absolutely no reason why disabled people cannot achieve everything that their non-disabled counterparts do.

Best foot forward

To date, we have successfully engaged with 63 people; creating 13 sustainable positions along the way and improving the employment prospects of the others through internships and voluntary work. However, as long as there are still disabled people out there being made to feel unemployable by a system that is unfit for purpose or by society’s misapprehensions; our work will never be done. So it is onwards and upwards in 2018!

We very much look forward to working with you all over the coming year and hope that you will play your part in helping us write the next chapter of our social enterprise story.