Social Enterprise Made Simple: Campainging

by Allana Grant

4 months ago

What sets social enterprises apart from traditional businesses? With our new series of blogs ‘Social Enterprise Made Simple’, we aim to educate on all things social enterprise!


In recent months, CEIS, the UK’s largest social enterprise support agency, unveiled its Social Enterprise in Scotland: 2017 Census report. The results of which revealed that Scotland’s third sector is flourishing in spite of political and economic uncertainties. There are now an estimated 5,600 social enterprises operating in Scotland, which represents an 8% increase in the last two years, and equates to one outfit for every one thousand people living in the country.

That said; now more than ever before, campaigning and political engagement are proving key to raising the profile of the social enterprise way of doing business and creating a better environment for social enterprises to operate in.

Social Enterprise Scotland

Social Enterprise Scotland is the independent, member ship-lead national organisation who campaigns on behalf of every one of our 5,600 diverse social enterprises. It has a remit to consult with members at a grassroots level to find out what they need to develop and grow, and then seek to change local and national government policies accordingly; to draft policy manifestos in the lead up to elections; and to raise the profile of social enterprise to the media, the public, MSP’s and the private sector.

SES flagship campaign

At present, and indeed for the duration of the current parliament, SES’ campaigning efforts will be focussed on promoting the themes set out in its ‘For The Good Of Everyone-The Manifesto For Social Enterprise 2016’, which was launched last April in the run up to the Holyrood elections.

The manifestos key themes are as follows:

·Promoting and protecting the social enterprise brand

·Building mass public awareness

·Taking a global outlook

·Social enterprise at the heart of the Scottish Business Pledge

·Transforming public services

·Driving business support forward

·Boosting social investment and funding

·Targeted tax cuts for social enterprises

·Valuing interns, volunteers and apprentices

·Social enterprise in our schools

·Local solutions as standard

To find out more about the themes and how SES is using them to demonstrate that social enterprise is a better way of working, download a copy of the manifesto here: