Digital Trends: Interactive Content Marketing

by Sandra Kempele

8 months ago

Digital Trends: Interactive Content Marketing

Static digital content marketing is in trouble - there is simply too much content an average online user is exposed to on a daily basis. Content marketers have caused themselves this problem, as 70% of marketers admit creating more content compared to last year as a response to the growing demands to create ‘engaging online content’. However, to cut through the noise of information, marketers are now looking for a way to step up their game and be heard in an increasingly vocal digital arena. That is where the interactive content marketing comes in, the digital marketing trend of 2017.

According to Demand Gen Report’s 2015 Content Preferences survey, 91% of buyers prefer content that is visual and has an element of interactivity. In the age of Web 2.0 (and more increasingly the Web 3.0 “semantic web”) and mobile apps, people are no longer willing to take the role of passive consumers, and instead ask for a dynamic two-way communication with brands and businesses. Nobody wants to be sold to – people want to be entertained and engaged. If you want someone’s attention, you have to earn it. Marketers are struggling to reach and engage their target audiences with static content alone, and increasingly turn to practices of interactive content marketing.

Drive Brand Awareness

You may have seen interactive content disguised as a quiz about the type of person you are, or the city you should live in based on the type of chocolate you like (read: Buzzfeed quizzes). Interactive content comes in many shapes and sizes, but they all start from a small number of core content types: assessments, polls, trivia and calculators. Awareness-level content has many benefits: it can generate buzz around your company, increase brand visibility and even make it memorable when it’s time for the user to make a purchase. Interactive content does this very well because it differentiates you from your competition.

During the awareness stage, making users aware that they have a problem is key. Infographics, quizzes, etc. can visually show users how they rank among their peers. These types of content are not typically considered high-performing lead-generation tools, but they will allow users to recognize your brand should they come across it again. See the above mentioned ‘Buzzfeed quizzes’, which are now recognizable just by the name of the media brand.

Enhance Your Existing Content Marketing Campaigns

Online calculators or person assessment trivia may not be the most appropriate or relevant type of interactive media for all businesses. But interactive content goes beyond online tests, and there are many other ways marketers can fit the interactive aspects into their current marketing practices. Here are some examples:

●     Social Media: Social media is one of the best mediums for interactive content because users are primed to engage by sharing, liking and interacting with others’ content. Promoting your interactive content on social is a must, and most platforms already provide the option to generate polls.

●     Email: Visual and interactive email content is still rather new, so companies acting on it can easily stand out from the competition and achieve better click rates.

●     Video: Video has become the web's most engaging media type when compared to text, images and their combinations. It's the perfect blend of audio and visual elements that appeal to the modern viewers' desire for immediate understanding. However, interactive video does more than that by allowing user input. They can click areas of the screen to define their own journey, answer questions, complete forms, buy products, download content without even leaving the player window.

Measure Your Success

While generating awareness around your brand is essential for success, as a tool for growing one’s business, marketing campaigns demand measurable goals and achievements. Whether it’s an assessment, a quiz, a survey or some other format, make sure to determine which types of interactive content are the best fit for your business to achieve your lead generation goals. However, the most important measurement of your marketing success is still user engagement. In 2017, the way to reach your audience and share your company’s story is through engaging interactive content, so make sure to get on the wagon and interact with the people who care about your cause.