About us

DNDP CIC is a social enterprise set up specifically to provide sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

In May 2017, we launch our new DNDP Digital service aiming to bridge the digital skills gap in Scotland, with the talents of housebound disabled people. We want to create an understanding and inclusive society in which the potential of people with disabilities is capitalised on. Initially our digital agency provides services in three key areas: Website design & development, content writing and digital marketing.

DNDP digital agency will support the vision of the Scottish Government by increasing digital participation as part of the digital economic landscape for those that are housebound, and previously marginalised and excluded from the labour force. In doing so, we will be able to connect communities – both within DNDP and with the wider business community while increasing social inclusion and participation in society as a whole. Our flexible business model enables disabled people to work when they can, in a way that puts their care and health to the forefront.

Our Vision

A world in which equal opportunities for all disabled people is a reality. Where flexible working environments are standard and the abilities and contributions of disabled people are recognised as an asset in business and industry.

Our Mission

To create an understanding and inclusive society in which the potential of people with disabilities is capitalised on.

Our Values


As a potential franchise organisation, we are accountable for everything we do- to our stakeholders, to our employees and to our customers.

Deliver Change

Our goal is to facilitate change in the mind-set of disabled people who are seeking employment and promote a change in attitude by the non-disabled workforce.


We believe that with the right support, there is no reason people with disabilities and long-term health conditions cannot achieve everything in business that others can. We know how important it is to empower people with disability and their families to make business choices and decisions.


The overriding ethos and primary goal is to provide a flexible working environment to stimulate creativity and growth. We believe that the provision of a flexible working environment shows our employees that we are empathetic towards their needs. This enables our employees to have the flexibility needed for healing, for hospital or doctor’s appointments without judgement or disrespect.

Empathy is far more effective than sympathy